Real estate Sales

Our mission is to assist the buyer/seller in finding the best property available at the best market price. We manage an exclusive selection of listings and offer the highest quality of attention for each client. In the case where you are the seller the listings will include a special Marketing package – professional photos, 360 virtual tours and marketing on our home page and on Social Media channels. In addition, we assist our foreign investors in renting their properties at the best possible profit while also ensuring the utmost care of their property. We understand that this type of transaction can generate some stress for both buyers and sellers, so we want to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible results by carefully guiding them through the process and incorporating other trusted professionals as needed (attorneys, accountants, contractors).

Property management

We have been supporting our clients with the highest quality services for over 17 years in the Miami market. We prepare packages based on the specific needs of each client and our only objective is to ensure the highest amount of quality with a stress-free process.

Design Services

Our years of experience has shown us that a potential home buyer and/or investor is more likely to place an offer when they can easily imagine themselves in their future homes or apartments. That’s why we strive to create a look that feels real and livable, while differentiating itself from the market and clearly communicating quality. We offer design services at every level of investment for our Clients.

Concierge Design services for Investors – We offer a separate design package for investors that includes repairs as needed, inventory control etc.

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